Tsukime Sake Glass/ Niijima Glass
Tsukime Sake Glass/ Niijima Glass
Tsukime Sake Glass/ Niijima Glass
Tsukime Sake Glass/ Niijima Glass


Tsukime Sake Glass/ Niijima Glass

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A Toast with a Volcanic Blessing

The "Tsukime" series evokes the appearance of a conch shell, created by poking outward from the inside of a hot, blown glass. With interwoven curves and straight lines, the dazzling shape of this sake cup shows the harmony between the meticulous craftsmanship of the Niijima glass artist and the random beauty birthed by nature.

Because sake cups are small, the artisan explains that precise control over the thickness of the glass and the exact moment of poking is essential for this item.

The most distinctive feature of Niijima glass is its natural olive-green color. This color comes from the koga stone, which is found in only two places in the world: Lipari Island in Italy and Niijima Island in Japan. Made from 100% koga stone, Niijima glass is the only pure volcanic stone glass in the world. Enjoy the taste of bliss, as you feel the breath of a volcano with this sake cup variation of Niijima glass. 

glass basenon dishwasher safehand made
glass basenon dishwasher safehand made

Tsukime Sake glass

artist of this product

Osamu Noda

Osamu Noda is a glass artist born in Niijima. He studied glass art in Japan and the U.S. and has received numerous awards for his work.
After extensively researching, he developed Niijima glass—made by melting an entire koga stone—and established the Niijima Glass Art Center in 1987.
In addition to the development of Niijima glass, his activities have been important for cultural innovations and the revitalization of local communities, such as business, tourism, and education.
He also organizes the Niijima International Glass Art Festival, which has a history spanning over 30 years.
Every year at the festival, he invites artists from abroad and conducts workshops and lectures to teach the next generation of artists from Japan and around the world.
He also holds classes when he is invited abroad. Although his works are archived all over the world, he also operates his own glass art museum in Niijima.
This energetic and active artist works daily to create narrative forms inspired by his handiwork and Niijima's natural environment.


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