About Us

Our Unique Approach: Weaving Products into Narratives

Discover products that not only serve a purpose but also tell a captivating story. With our years of experience in content creation, we offer a diverse collection ranging from videos to tangible items, all backed by comprehensive research and cutting-edge technology.

Japan, a land of hidden gems, is where we've conducted extensive research over the years. This allows us to uncover unique products, some of which have never been introduced overseas, and bring them straight to your doorstep. Our in-depth understanding of Japan's traditional crafts means we know what to look for. Expect carefully chosen products that will surprise and delight you.

Moreover, our team is a mix of innovative minds well-acquainted with both Japanese and international landscapes. This guarantees you'll encounter products you've never seen before.

Our Legacy: Capturing Japanese Culture

For over four decades, we've shared the beauty of traditional Japanese crafts and culture through video content, collaborating with international giants like France TV, Discovery Channel, ZDF, and BBC. The admiration and wonder expressed by countless viewers have been our driving force.

Now, we're evolving. Through Artisanal, we're transcending from mere visuals to tangible experiences, enabling you to incorporate a touch of Japanese culture into your daily life.

Our Vision: Making Everyday Artistic

Our aim is simple: to enrich daily life with the elegance of high-quality Japanese crafts. The world should hear the often untold tales of traditional Japanese arts, and we're here to narrate them through our meticulously curated products.

Japanese culture celebrates art in daily life. Unlike the West's focus on abstract concepts, Japan finds beauty in everyday acts — be it flower arranging, the tea ceremony, or the serene practice of stone garden sweeping. This appreciation is deeply rooted in craftsmanship.
See the extraordinary in everyday items.

We envision a lifestyle seamlessly blending nature's grace and quality craftsmanship. By presenting artisanal goods as everyday art, we hope to elevate daily life, not just in Japan, but globally.

Our Team: Where Past Meets Future

We are Tokyovision Inc., a seasoned player in international business for over 40 years. Artisanal, our ecommerce venture, is a fusion of tradition and innovation. Our vast network includes artisans and influential figures in the cultural domain.

Here's a glimpse of our past programs celebrating Japanese culture and crafts:

Join us in embracing the harmony of tradition and innovation.