Shodai B&W Matcha Bowl
Shodai B&W Matcha Bowl
Shodai B&W Matcha Bowl


Shodai B&W Matcha Bowl

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The beauty of Black and White

A black-and-white bowl made by renowned contemporary artisan Tomokazu Yamaguchi.

Resembling an art piece, this beautiful plate can be used for daily needs or as a unique piece of interior decoration. Sharp lines and a stylish monochromatic aesthetic will accentuate various foods and dishes.

pottery basenon microwave safenon dishwasher safe
pottery basenon microwave safenon dishwasher safe

Shoda B&W matchea bowl

artist of this product

Tomokazu Yamaguchi

Tomokazu Yamaguchi is a talented artist who has inherited the traditional 'Shodai Blue' pottery technique and transformed it into a unique and captivating series of straw-ash glazed pottery. With his keen eye for beauty and his love for experimentation, Yamaguchi was drawn to the irregular blue color that sometimes appears in kiln firing, and set out to find a way to increase its frequency.

After many years of trial and error, Yamaguchi finally succeeded in his quest, creating a series of pottery that is both beautiful and unique. However, this process was not without its challenges. The final result is largely controlled by nature, and the artist describes a mixture of excitement and nervousness whenever he opens the kiln, always uncertain of the outcome.

Despite the challenges, Yamaguchi continues to push the boundaries of the traditional 'Shodai Blue' pottery technique, and his work has been well received by critics and collectors alike. With his exceptional talent and his unwavering passion for pottery, Tomokazu Yamaguchi is truly a pioneer in his field, and his work is not to be missed.


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