Ryukyu Glass Goblet
Ryukyu Glass Goblet
Ryukyu Glass Goblet
Ryukyu Glass Goblet


Ryukyu Glass Goblet

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An Eye-catching Black Color

With its vivid black radiance, this goblet exudes a sense of presence on tables and in cupboards.

Ryukyu glass is typically known for showy colors, such as red or green, but after experimenting and adding manganese to recycled glass,Mitsuru Gushiken was able to produce items in black, which is a rare color for Ryukyu glass.

Known as Gushiken Black, named after its inventor, air bubbles and shades of dark exemplify the depth of the items' blackness when shone in the light.

Gushiken Black items have a slightly thick texture, and their stable form is elegant yet not too sensitive.

glass basehand made
glass basehand made

Ryukyu glass goblet

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Ryukyu glass manufacturer glass32 is located in Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture. Established by Mitsuru Gushiken, the workshop aims to draw out the charm of glass materials to the fullest and produce kitchenware suited to daily life.

Gushiken likes to create works that are simple with chic colors, or items that do not get boring.

Made with the motif of "works that can be used in daily life and will rest comfortably in one's hands", each glass item is individually created by the hands of artisans.

"Unlike factory-made products, each work has a sense of expression. So, it would be nice if their characteristics could be enjoyed by their users", Gushiken says.


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