Mud-Colored Silver Cup
Mud-Colored Silver Cup
Mud-Colored Silver Cup


Mud-Colored Silver Cup

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Mud-Colored Silver Cup: Beautiful and Delicate

A cup made with passion by a former chef. The inner side has a glaze applied on top of silver foil, beautifully and delicately.

It will highlight any drink or food that has a transparent look. It will also, of course, look nice when serving desserts and side dishes.

The glaze applied to silver is designed to gradually change color with age. It will go from silver to a brownish-yellow color that resembles gold before finally becoming black.

Washing it with baking soda will restore its silver radiance. May you spend fulfilling moments with this cup.

non microwave safepottery basehand made
non microwave safepottery basehand made

Mud-Colored Silver Cup

artist of this product

Yuji Katayama

After 12 years of experience as a Spanish cuisine chef, Yuji Katayama returned to his hometown in Fukui Prefecture.
Wanting to decorate his food on dishes he made, he enrolled in a ceramics guidance class and learned the craft.
Exploring themes like nature, weathering, vestige, and scenary, he utilizes texture, color, and shapes to express his ideas in his works.
With their elegance, the items he makes are capable of enriching both Japanese and western cuisines.
His works are permanently displayed on the first floor of the Fukui Prefectural Museum of Ceramics in the Musuem Shop area.


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