kaico saucepan
kaico saucepan
kaico saucepan


kaico saucepan

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A Pan That Will Improve Your Cooking 


Not only does porcelain enamel have beautiful design, but its practicality makes it useful in everyday life for a long time. That's because, despite its simple appearence, its features have been carefully designed.

The curled edges, unique to enamel, designed in a way that allows adhesive liquids like milk or soup to be poured smoothly. The handle portion is made of natural wood, so it does not get too hot. The wide bottom shape provides a sense of stability and is designed to be receptive to heat.

In addition, to make the lid easy to wash, its edges are intentionally not curled. 

This is a porcelain enamel tool that was produced by a Japanese craftsman.

Here are 5 great things about porcelain enamel items:

1. Acid-Proof The inorganic glass surface makes it resistant to acids and alkalis.

2. Non-Absorbent Enamel does not react chemically with food or water. It also does not leave behind or pass on any metallic scent. Thus, making use of food ingredients or water becomes much more effective.

3. Durable Because it has been coated with hardened glass, it is a material resistant to color shifting and friction.

4. Clean The slippery surface makes it difficult for it to get dirty or scratched, and it is generally easy to maintain. Since bacteria will struggle to multiply on it, it is sanitary.

5. Heat-Insulative The porcelain enamel layer has low thermal conductivity, so it is excellent at retaining heat.

metal base/glass coatingnon dishwasher safe
metal base/glass coatingnon dishwasher safe

kaico Saucepan

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The concept for this brand is this: items that were designed for ease of use are direct and pure, making them easy to integrate into everyday life. The goal is for people to use them, always and forever.

These wares have high-quality designs that people will never tire of, conceived by Japan's proud furniture designer, Makoto Koizumi.
Wanting to create items that users can enjoy for a long time, Koizumi looked into various designs that a craftsperson could produce.
He does design work for various categories of lifestyle items, from architecture to chopstick rests.
Kaico means "silk" in Japanese. Also, it is homophonic with the Japanese word for "nostalgia."
The Kaico series is notable for its silk-like whiteness and lustrous, soothing texture. From mold to completion, they are produced entirely at a factory in Tokyo's Sumida Ward.


Building on over 40 years of experience, our team has carefully curated a range of Japanese artisanal products that combine the very best of traditional crafts with modern creativity and innovation to enrich your daily life.