Carved birch Coffee scoop
Carved birch Coffee scoop
Carved birch Coffee scoop


Carved birch Coffee scoop

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Enjoy the Feel of Wood
Emphasizing "texture", artisan Makoto Miyazaki pays careful attention to the wood as he makes every carving, producing a pleasant sense of touch in his works.
Instead of going against nature, this carved birch coffee spoon is made by highlighting the uniqueness of the wood. It is a one and only item, made just for you.
Spend your days in luxury, as you feel its gentle texture.
naturalwood basehand carvinghand made
naturalwood basehand carvinghand made

Curved birch Coffee scoop

artist of this product

Makoto Miyazaki

Makoto Miyazaki is a talented woodworker known for his unique approach to his craft. Every day, he begins by visiting a shrine for meditation and to find inspiration for his work. He is drawn to natural forms such as leaves, trees and forests, as well as the beauty in weathered objects such as stains on concrete and puddles.

In his work, Makoto places a strong emphasis on the feel of the wood. He soaks the wood in water to make it fluffy, polishes it, repeats this process until the work is polished to the point where it no longer fluffs when soaked in water. He is also mindful of the shine when a knife is inserted and the tactile feel of the blade when it is touched by hand.

Makoto Miyazaki's work is a true reflection of his passion and dedication to his craft, making him a standout in the world of woodworking.


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